My 3 Favorite Video Editing Apps for iPhone (2018)

Have you ever looked at someones page and wondered "how did they make such cool video graphics?"

Yesterday, I was chatting with some of the members of The Spark Lounge (a group coaching program I am part of) and a question was asked on how to edit videos, I quickly realized that I had a few favorites on my phone and gave some suggestions. Which made me think "there must be more people I know that would find these tips helpful" so here they go:

My three favorite video editing apps (for Iphone and also available on Google Play):


  1. Inshot App - This seems to be one of the most popular apps for video editing. This app gives you the ability to edit videos and photos. Add stickers, text, music and voice overs and effects. Also great if you are looking to trim your videos, adjust the speed and merge multiple videos all in one place.b If you've scrolled through FB or IG recently, you might have noticed TONS of videos that have a meme style format (if you are not quite sure to what I am...
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