3 Reasons To Wake-Up Early - For Entrepreneurs

business May 02, 2019


Full disclaimer: this is not the article to persuade you to join the #5AMClub, but it is the story (my story) of how valuable incorporating an early morning routine has been for me. 

I was (and still am) a proud night owl, scratch that thought, if you know me you know labels aren't my thing, but about 8 months back I was juggling (more like struggling) full-time day job (aka The Investor), client work for Social Charm and trying to have somewhat of a social life. I hit a wall trying to manage it all and realized something was wrong when I started to dread the idea of having to do client work for my business (my baby, my dream). How could it be possible that I had dreamed of this success, but didn't feel happy?

Well my friends, that is what burnout looks like. I was stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and that triggered a domino effect of bad habits (procrastination,  lack of commitment and motivation).I was a walking zombie up to the month of...

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