3 Reasons To Wake-Up Early - For Entrepreneurs

business May 02, 2019


Full disclaimer: this is not the article to persuade you to join the #5AMClub, but it is the story (my story) of how valuable incorporating an early morning routine has been for me. 

I was (and still am) a proud night owl, scratch that thought, if you know me you know labels aren't my thing, but about 8 months back I was juggling (more like struggling) full-time day job (aka The Investor), client work for Social Charm and trying to have somewhat of a social life. I hit a wall trying to manage it all and realized something was wrong when I started to dread the idea of having to do client work for my business (my baby, my dream). How could it be possible that I had dreamed of this success, but didn't feel happy?

Well my friends, that is what burnout looks like. I was stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and that triggered a domino effect of bad habits (procrastination,  lack of commitment and motivation).I was a walking zombie up to the month of August. One random morning I decided I wanted to try something new, so I woke up at 5AM. I don't know exactly what triggered me to do this, but I had realized the reason I was dreading doing any sort of work after the 9 - 5 was because my energy was depleted (I work in a field that requires a lot of brain power, problem solving and critical thinking).

I had identified the problem: I was not able to work at my best after 10-12 hour shifts. Although I was staying up till 1-2AM and crossing things off my list those tasks did not equate to productivity . 

 I learned quickly that prioritizing and embracing this new 5AM routine was MY key to success. It was challenging at the beginning, learning to adopt a new habit and letting go of the old one. What truly helped me stick with this new routine has been accountability. I created the #NotSoGlamorous Working Hours to embrace this new journey with like minded women who had also realised the early morning routine was what worked best for them. Knowing I have to show up to a virtual space to hold myself accountable is what's helped me not stray away  from this lifestyle. 

I needed to share the context of this story before I dived into the true benefits of waking up early as an entrepreneur because this is not for everyone. I'm fortunate to know many successful entrepreneurs who both are AM risers or PM workaholics; so it's not the time you go to bed or wake-up IT'S THE DISCIPLINE you create. You have to learn to identify what work's for you and learn what time of the day do you feel the most energized to get things done for the business. 


One of the greatest things about waking-up at #5AM is the extra few hours you get for yourself (and business) before the world wakes up. There is this sense of calm and serene during these hours, so I do my best to dedicate the first 30-minutes to meditation-journaling-listening to inspirational content. It's the perfect amount of time I need before diving into my my business tasks. It sets the tone and energy needed to be your most productive. 


I've been on the 5AM journey for about 9 months now. The biggest benefit I have experienced with this new routine is DISCIPLINE! I've always had these crazy aspirations, but prior to my AM routine kept falling short of my goals. Let's be honest, I lacked follow through - and I wanted to blame my tiredness and long hours a work, but deep down inside I knew I lacked discipline. So committing to this AM lifestyle  gave me the momentum I needed to get important projects done (even on the days I didn't feel like it). Knowing that I was dedicating the first hours of my days to my goals, to the bigger vision I had for my life changed my mood, energy levels and gave me the clarity I needed to run (and respect) my business. 

Discipline is the root of ALL good habits and what keeps you consistent when your motivation is still asleep.


 If there is anything I want you to take away today: learn to identify your prime peak time when you feel the most alert and productive. Create a routine around that time frame and OWN your schedule. As I stressed earlier, the 5AM routine is not for everyone, it is not a one size fits all and it won't make you a successful entrepreneur. Experimenting with an early routine is learning what it takes to adopt a new habit and establish a routine that works with YOUR life/schedule.

Through experimentation I found 5AM was the peak time where I felt the most rested, alert and the  inspired to do any related tasks for my business. Now, this does not mean I don't do work outside of my morning routine, but I've learned to use that time wisely. I've created a schedule to adopt to my hectic lifestyle and as a result  have been able to accomplish a lot more in my business. 

5AM taught me self-discipline: the true key to success! I've created the momentum to thrive in life (and in business). i know in my heart you can too! And if you are open to trying the 5AM routine, commit to it for just 31 days and I promise you will see your  productivity soar. 

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