Are you ...

- Feeling tired and discouraged?

- Experiencing moments where your spirit is down?

- Is there a project you've been wanting to start, but cant seem to find the motivation to do it?

-Are you struggling with juggling your side-hustle and 9 to 5?

- Spending countless hours up at night "working", but yet you still don't seem to feel productive ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions:

Working Hours is Right For you!


#NotSoGlamorous Working Hours is a once a month accountability challenge created to empower YOU to take ACTION (and wake-up early)! Starting in:










  • You want to feel more productive in your everyday life
  • You want to connect with like-minded women online (and have some fun while you’re at it)
  • You want to become a morning person
  • You want to kick-start your day with a healthy routine (meditation and self-care are always on our to do list)
  • You need accountability (don’t worry, I promise to be your daily alarm clock)
  • You want access to tools that will help you grow your creative ideas


We start with a Monday 5AM Welcome Call where together we narrow down our WHY and steps of action for the week. 

5AM Office Hours

Yes, we are clocking in at 5AM for 5 consecutive days to work on our Action Plan until 7AM. 

Community Celebration

Day 7 ends with a celebratory call, where we cheer to our triumphs and discuss our action plan for the next 21 days.





Membership Portal

N18 Calendar Spreads

Working Hour Replays

Access to Signature Courses

After Hours Support (Members Only Private FB Group)

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Option To Cancel Anytime





Membership Portal

N18 Calendar Spreads

Working Hour Replays

WAKE-UP Chat Reminders

Daily Accountability Calls )

After Hours Support (In Our Private FB Group)

Daily Inspo-Hour

Weekly Business Strategy Sessions

Access To An Exclusive Community Forum

Access to Signature Courses

Option To Cancel Anytime


If you are ready to experience a new level of accountability 

and you feel ready to get consistent




"I have always told myself I am NOT a morning person. However part of me has always admired those that are. Deep down I wanted to try and become a morning person but I didn't know how to start. I'm a full time working mother and wife and beauty entrepreneur side-hustler. This past year although I've been enjoying having a side hustle as it gives me a way to do something for myself, be a little creative, have some fun and meeting new people I felt like I never had enough time for everything both on personal and business side. I was very intrigued and curious when I saw Jess post about the Not So Glamorous Working Hours aka 5am Wake Up Accountability group she was launching. I admit I was hesitant and didn't sign up until I found out she had 1 last spot left. I hesitated because it was unknown to me and I didn't know how I would do. However I've worked with Jess before (hint: HIRE HER) and I know everything she does comes from purely good intentions and she is a natural at motivating and encouraging and of course it will all be done with her signature Glam Charm! My experience the last 14 days has been awesome. I'm SO glad and grateful for this group. I am building a habit of waking up early and really putting myself first when I wake up which I haven't done in a long time. The waking up early is not easy and it will take time to build that muscle but the reason I DO wakeup is because I know the other women in the group will be up as well. Something about knowing other people are there will get you moving! I know I would not have been be able to kick-start this new routine on my own! Accountability with a group really does work! Best part though has been connecting with women that are each in their own lane and striving for more. We have shared with each other tools we use to run our small businesses, beauty products we like (girl talk!), what we've struggled with and being encouraged that we can do this! Most of us in the group also work full time and have a side business which is even more motivating. I'm so grateful for this new habit I am forming because I decided to say yes but I didn't know it was going to be this good! Not only am I working on myself I am also making new friends! :)"

Carolina Polanco
SeneGence Distributor

"Originally when I thought about joining the #NotSoGlamourous working hours it was more about finally figuring out a way to feel more productive in my side-hustle. I'll be honest, I figured I wouldn't last more than 2 days. Yet, I quickly realized the true benefit of the joining the #NotSoGlamourous working hours has been the amazing and inspiring women I've met. We get up each day before sunrise to encourage one another to keep going after our dreams. To not give up. To make them a reality. We support each other by providing feedback and advice for the simple reason that someone just needs help. We prioritize #commnunityovercompetition because running a side hustle is already chaotic enough. I wanted to say a special thanks to Jess from @GlamwithJess who put this together to fulfill her vision of truly help women connect online and see #glamoristas like herself thrive in their fields of expertise. It was important for me to share this as a simple reminder that there people in this huge online world trying to sincerely help one another and that you're not alone. #womensupportwomen #accountability"

Stephanie Chrystal
Systems Strategist & Business Operations Coordinator -

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